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Quick Reference Guide
Texas Health Steps Quick Reference Guide
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How do I become a Texas Health Steps provider?
Contact Texas Medicaid Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) at (800) 925-9126 enrollment department.

Do I need special training or education to perform Texas Health Steps check-ups?
Community First Health Plan provides training and education to contracted Texas Health Steps providers, contact your provider relations representative at (210) 358-6190.

What is the difference between Back to School physical and a Texas Health Steps check-up?
A Back to School Physical is allowed once per calendar year or by date of service (every twelve months) and covered for Medicaid members ages (0-19)

When performing a Texas Health Steps check-up must I complete all elements and components?
All components listed on the Periodicity Schedule must be completed for the check-up to be considered a compliant Texas Health Steps check-up. If any component can not be completed due to medical contraindications, a follow-up appointment must be completed as soon as possible to perform the "missed" component.

Where do I obtain current check-up forms?
Check-up forms may be located on the TMHP website, appendix C of the current Medicaid provider manual contains Texas Health Steps forms.


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