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Provider Web Portal - FAQs
What kind of functions can I perform on the Web portal?
Verify member's eligibility/status, claim status inquiry, EOP inquiry, provider panel rosters, on-line provider search directory, and Texas Health Steps exams (new, due, overdue).

Can you submit claims via the Web portal?
On-line claims submission is not yet available, but will soon be an integral piece of our Web portal. You may now appeal a claim through the secure Web portal.

Can you request on-line authorization/referrals?
You may request on-line authorizations/referrals and may check the status of your request through the AcuExchange System. You must first request access from our Network Management department by calling (210) 358-6030 or (800) 434-2347.

How do I apply for access to the Web portal?
Providers must submit a completed Web portal agreement. Completed agreements will then be assigned a username and password. Contact your provider relations representative to obtain a Web portal agreement.

Is there any customer support for the Web portal?
First-time providers are given a formal training/tour of our Web portal. Contact your provider relations representative for any issues, concerns or question.

Who is your Provider Relations Representative?


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